Do you track flight? What if it is delayed?

Our operators track flights and in case of delay transfers time is changed. If you know about delay in advance of flight time is changed, please inform us (SMS, e-mail).

What if I travel with children?

Children are also passangers. When submitting order put in number of children and their age. Driver will take necessary amount and type of children seats. This is free of charge. In Germany children have to be transported in special seats or else you will be punished by police.

How do I meet my driver?

Driver will meet you with a special sign with your name on it. When travelling from the airport, driver will be waiting for you in departure area 20 minutes after the landing. For one hour waiting is free. Carefully look for the sign with your name. If you cannot find the driver, please call him (you will have the number). You shouldn`t leave the meeting place. If you are leaving from the hotel, driver will be waiting for you in the lobby.

What if my baggage is delayed?

If you are experiencing problems with baggage, passport control or other, please inform us by calling.

How can I order car transfer?

You can submit your order online by filling in the necessay data or calling us.

When it is better to place order?

We reccomend to place transfer order at least 12 hours before your trip. If neccerary, you can make order corrections later.

Free cancellation 12 hours before pick up time