Mainz Taxi Service – Airport Transfer Service

* The price is for 1 person one way, the place of departure or destination is Frankfurt Airport.

At Komfort-Transfer we provide high-quality transportation in safe, clean private cars to and from Mainz, Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN).

Poor weather conditions, unexpected traffic, and unreliable transportation can make moving through Germany challenging—leading to stress and anxiety that can impact your mood and limit your overall enjoyment of your travel experience. Komfort Transfer taxi from Mainz to Frankfurt can ease the stress and ensure your transportation is on-time and affordable with flat rates for private shuttle transfers.

What Can You Expect from Mainz Taxi Service?

Perhaps the best feature of Mainz Taxi Service is our convenient online booking of your transportation, avoiding long wait times for a taxi when you need it most. Upon arrival at the airport, you will see your driver holding a sign with your name on it. Rest assured that for your comfort, your shuttle will include only those friends, family, or colleagues with whom you are traveling—it is truly private transportation.

Our friendly, knowledgeable drivers can provide you with as much or as little information and conversation as you like—offering insights into the local area or allowing you to rest after your long journey. We aim to give you the type of ride you need—with as much or little attention as you want!

Affordable fixed rates—regardless of the time it takes to arrive at your destination—and a superb fleet of high-quality vehicles make us the best option for airport transportation in the area.

Mainz Taxi Service – Airport Transfer Service - advantages

Why Should You Choose Komfort-Transfer for Airport Transportation in Frankfurt?

  • Service for Business and Leisure Travelers
  • 16+ Years of Meeting Frankfurt’s Transportation Needs
  • Skilled, Well-Trained, Highly Qualified Drivers
  • More Affordable than Ordinary Taxi Services
  • All Vehicles are Licensed and Well-Maintained
  • Your Driver Meets You In-Person at Pickup

What is the Cost of Private Transportation from Mainz to Frankfurt Airport?

Pricing is based on the type of vehicle and chosen route. Thanks to our affordable flat rate system, there are never any financial surprises when you travel with us (Mainz Taxi). Regardless of the time spent in the vehicle, the price remains the amount you were originally quoted.

Komfort-Transfer offers reliable airport transfer service at any time—night or day—with 24-hour service to any destination in the area at a competitive rate. We frequently transfer passengers to various hotels in the city center or surrounding areas and Frankfurt or Frankfurt-Hahn Airports.

What Are Some Highlights to Visit While in Mainz?

If you are open to suggestions, our drivers can offer excellent guidance on what to see and do while visiting Mainz. They are well-versed regarding local tourism and the best times to see certain areas. Additionally, our chauffeurs will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism and are experts on Germany’s major roadways and the local routes in Mainz.

So, where should you go, then? We can certainly provide some ideas. For starters, we suggest a stop at Mainz Cathedral, one of the most well-known religious structures in Germany, rising high above the rest of the skyline. With construction starting around 975 A.D., this extraordinary building has towered over the city for over one-thousand years. In strong contrast to this historical building, the most modern religious landmark is a new Synagogue built in 2008. Located in the Mainz-Neustadt district, this building features a unique architectural style. It is meant as a safe and peaceful space, representing the restoration of the Jewish community in Mainz and as a symbol of reconciliation.

Next, you may wish to travel to Rhine-Hesse to sample the wine in Germany’s largest wine region. While there, you can try to take in a festival, including Carnival, the Weinmarkt, or St. John's Night, held annually to recognize and memorialize Johannes Gutenberg. You won’t want to miss the tourist route that begins just beyond Mainz and leads past the Rhine river castles from Bingen to Koblenz.

Mainz offers unique views from the banks of the Rhine and opportunities to see several historical structures representing different important periods in the city’s development. Not to be missed are the exquisite Renaissance and Baroque structures, including the New Arsenal, the Electoral Palace, and the Commandry of the Teutonic Knights. Additionally, several museums commemorate the city's history and its most famous residents, including the Gutenberg Museum of the Printing Press, the Romano-Germanic Central Museum, and the Kunsthalle Art Gallery.

Beyond arts and culture, business is not to be forgotten. Mainz offers a bustling business scene, including many different types of enterprises, such as SHOT, Honey Vale, and Boehringer Ingelheim, a well-known pharmaceutical company. Corporate leaders from worldwide travel to Mainz to share their experiences and discuss business with like-minded individuals.

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